Thursday, December 10, 2015

Red Reindeer

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Skills With Skulls (A 12-Step Picture Tutorial)

 For the second addition to my Halloween 2014 Nail Collection, I have something original and festive for y'all, Sugar Skulls! Before attempting these, I must warn you that I spent a substantial amount of time doing these, which is not typical for me. It took a very steady hand with a dotting tool to place the tiny dots in the right places. If you don't have a dotting tool, use a toothpick, and practice your dots on paper before you paint them to get the hang of it. To make this easier for both of us, the tutorial is facing as if you were painting them on your hands.
Here's your tutorial:
Step 1: To center the eyes, I began with two dots in a horizontal line. I tried to evenly space them, as they will be the innermost edge of the eye.
Step 2: Using your dotting tool, begin to dot around in a circular shape. I found it easier to make the same dot on each eye to insure they stayed evenly sized.
Step 3: Fill in the rest of the dots in your circles. Remember, they do not have to touch now technically, because you will fill this in.
Step 4: Fill in the center of your dot circles. I used the regular brush that came in my black nail polish to do this. Leave the dots sticking out the edges so that the eyes have a flower shape.
Step 5: To begin the nose, make a dot centered between the eyes.
Step 6: Make another dot below this as if it were the corner of a triangle.
Step 7: Add a third dot to finish the triangle shape and your nose.

Step 8: For the mouth, begin with a straight line under the nose. I did this step on all my nails before proceeding to insure I took my time on all of them and didn't get lazy at the end.
Step 9: This step isn't technically necessary, but I wanted my mouth a little unique. Here, I added curved lines outward from the corners of the mouth as I'd seen on sugar skulls elsewhere.
Step 10: Using my dotting tool again and fatter dots, I placed four dots above the line and four dots below, forming rows of teeth.
Step 11: This was the most important step to be careful on. With very tiny dots, I places eight white teeth within the dots I made in the previous step. And don't worry, if you mess these up, you just have to redo the black dot under it and repeat. It's not a huge hassle really.
Step 12: Finally, I used different colors to make the flower eyes. I used my dotting tool to go around inside the dots I did before on the eyes. If these are a little off, it won't make a huge difference. Keep a steady hand, though.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

UTA Spirit for Days

In honor of my massive amount of school spirit, I attempted to paint our "A" logo for UTA on my nails. To paint this, I began with a normal French tip. I like to put a shiny tan color under this. Then, I painted a very short horizontal line in the center of the white tip, to center my A. From this, I drew diagonal lines down almost to the corners of my nail. I then thickened these outer lines of the A to a block , leaving out the triangle notch for the star. To paint the star, I painted each point like a small arrow and was very careful. I'm sorry I don't have some crazy trick for a perfect star, guys, I wish I did. Just try to be precise and careful. 

I hope you like these!
I'll post the colors I used later on, I'm currently in class.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Candy Corn on the Catwalk

   An old friend of mine asked me to post on my website again. She told me that she still checks it for designs to try, and reminded me that I didn't have any Halloween nails posted. So this is my Halloween nail tutorial post, and these nails are candy corn themed.
    To paint these, I first painted the entire nail white.* I had a yellow line polish and an orange as well, and these were really helpful in painting this. I started from the base of my nail, and painted the bottom third yellow, and then filled in a second third with the orange line. For mine, I curved the lines upward, so that my lines not being straight wouldn't affect the design. 
    After the orange dried completely, I painted the top third once more with white so it was the same level as the other paint. When this all dried completely, I painted a clear glitter over it all. I used my favorite topcoat as well, listed below**

* (Painting a white coat before a color brightens the nail color.)

I used:
White- Sally Hansen Hard as Nails xTreme Wear #300 "White On"
Orange and yellow- Kiss Nail Art Paint #SPA13- "Neon Orange" and #SPA18- "Beach Yellow"
Glitter- Wet n Wild #469- "Halluncinate"
**Topcoat- Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthener

Monday, October 14, 2013

Crosshatched Creations

This design took a lot of patience and careful line painting. To begin, after painting the nail white, I painted an X at the moon of the nail, forming a triangle at the base, continuing to the edge of the nail diagonally. Next, I painted lines parallel to those within the top 3/4 of the x, leaving the bottom white. The accent nails, were painted black first, and then painted as two X's, one slightly above the other forming a diamond in the center.

I used:
Sinful Colors Professionals #101- Snow Me White and ORLY Instant Artist - Jet Black


Patty's Polish Patterns

I love this color combination, and I wish I would've painted these on my own nails! To do this arrow pattern, I began painting the entire nail white. With the gold line polish, I then outlined the triangle at the base of the nail, and I built towards the end from there, using gold and teal and then white line polish to clean it up.

I used:
Sinful Colors Professionals #101-Snow Me White, Sinful Shine with Gel-Tech #1239- My Kryptonite, and Sinful Colors Nail Art #1658- Pot O Gold
(I guess this was a sinful manicure)


Friday, August 30, 2013

Tree-mendous Nails With Tutorial Picture

In approaching this design, I was scared to try trees on my nails. I've never been able to paint nice trees, but I decided to make them half-trees in my design to avoid my awkward-looking trees. So don't be afraid to try these, or any other design by altering it slightly to fit what you know you can paint.
I began by painting my nails with a Cinderella blue, and with a black line polish, I sketched a tree. I started with the trunk, going about halfway up the edge of the nail. From there, I made 1-2 branches going both up and to the side, and then added a few splitting branches coming off of those. Be careful not to put too many branches, it could get messy and clustered looking. I used a dotting tool (pictured below) to make the "leaves" both on and off the tree. First, I painted the white dots, I tried to make these smaller than any other dots. My dotting tool has two sizes, so I used the larger one only on the leaves. The blue and green dots, I first placed on the tree branches. Where I didn't like how my branch intersected the trunk, I placed a dot to start. This is a great way to cover up your mistakes. I tried to keep my dots spread out, as I was going for wintery trees. I made the dots falling off the trees a little smaller, to give it a little depth. I hope you enjoy and try this yourself!

I used:
base- Sinful Colors Professionals #1106-Cinderella, Sinful Colors Professionals #103-Black on Black
dots- Sinful Colors Professionals #101 Snow Me White, Sinful Colors With Gel-Tech #1242-Most Sinful, and NYC New York Color Quick Dry #298-High Line Green

(click to enlarge)


Paramount, Perfect Pink

I was feelin' fancy this week, and wanted a little glitter on my nails- but not a distracting amount. This was a very simple design- as long as you can paint leopard print, which I will explain in more depth in a moment- because most of the nails were single-colored. For the dots at the base of the nails, I used rhinestones, but they aren't necessary. You can also just make a dot at the base and get the same effect. To adhere my rhinestones, I use topcoat, coats and coats of it on top as well once it's dried.
To achieve the leopard print, I began by painting with my fabulous glitter polish-Charmed. With the same pink I used on the other nails, I made about five random splotches around the nail-attempting not to make it look too organized. This step may need another coat to cover up the glitter entirely under splotches- mine did. I like to use a line brush to do the black spots, for accuracy, but with little paint on the brush it is easy to do with a regular nail polish brush as well. Think of the shape you're making, a messy C-shape in a lazy attempt at outlining the pink spot. You can kind of use a sponge technique with the brush for this, the less planned it looks, the better. If you mess up a little, go with it. I like to add some small black splotches after I go around the pink, as I did in mine, you can choose to do this or not.

I used:
Sinful Colors Professional #1182-Charmed (glitter), Sinful Colors Professional #103-Black on Black, and SDI 1 Professional Nail Lacquer #9-B- DK. Pink