Friday, February 10, 2012

Warrior Bitch War Paint

Recently, I found a design on another blog that I wanted to try. I can't find the picture now, but here's my attempt at them. c: These can be done with any two colors, under black, or with the design in different colors, and still look cute. I tried a few colors combinations before i decided to stick to what the original picture chose, pink and yellow. To do these, i painted the two colors on the outside edges of my nails, leaving a tall upside down triangle unpainted in the middle (the triangle will be filled in with black, later, and doesn't need to be precise. Don't be afraid to go too far with the colors to the middle.) The colors should meet at the base of the nail, though, touching. The beauty of paint is that you can cover mistakes, so be ballsy! After this dries, with a thin brush dipped in black polish, paint the inner triangle as I did, tall and narrow, going about 3/4 down the nail. I waited for this to dry, before i went in and completed the design by adding the stripes with a line brush, and the dots with a toothpick. (:
Rather than making your nails patterned by switching sides of the stripes and dots, change it up! You could instead make the nails have the triangles alternate directions, or just alternate the order of the colors! Try your own ideas c:

sorry about the glare, my camera sucks sometimes. :c

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