Monday, May 28, 2012

Bursting With Summer Fever

I had to redo my toes for the beginning of summer, and the sandal weather, and I wanted something bright and fun. I got a lot of polish for reallllllly cheap at H-E-B, including new line polishes, so I had to use them, ofcourse. I was particularly dazzled by this orchid polish called Go Bananas, but maybe I'm just a sucker for yellows. Anyway, this design just took patience to complete. I began by painting the three colors in random sections, then divided those with black lines. To paint zebra stripes, I advise beginning from the edge with a thicker line and painting inward towards a smaller line. Enjoy (:

I used:
base-Sinful Colors Nail Art #1626-A Slice To Go, #1620-Anxious Azure, and Orchid #223-Go Bananas
My preffered line polish this time for the black detail was Kiss Brush On Nail Art Paint PA12-Black

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