Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nikki's Nails

My fellow Mcneil Cheerleader, Nikki, has always asked me to do her nails, and I finally did! Here are Nikki's nails, I think they turned out fabulous c:
To do, paint the nail one color. Then with a thin brush, paint a half moon on the bottom part of your nail. (where the moon of your nail is, in theory, but you can't see it once you've painted over it) When this dries, (Nikki waited for a whole cheer practice before I completed hers) simply add about 5-6 dots across the outline of the moon, whichever suits you better (:

I used:
base- Chi #40-it's 5'o clock somewhere
moon-LYCRA Wear 10 +Minerals #399-black satin
dots-Nail Art-white

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