Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pretty In Pink

I needed to do something bright and fun for the summer, and I think this 24/7 by sinful colors is the brightest I own. I liked this design because even though it is simple, it is interesting. And with such a bright color contrasting the black glitter polish, my nails stand OUT when I point at something, like a big flashy sign. (: To do this yourself, begin by painting all the nails with the lighter color. Then, you can choose to alternate which side you want to be the other color, or simply just paint the upper or lower half of all your nails the other color, it's your design choice. I used a pen to make dots this time, as I was at a graduation party, but be sure to be patient when doing these, because you want your line of dots as straight as your dividing line, or it won't look right.

I used:
sinful colors professionals #920-24/7, and nail art by diamond cosmetics-black glitter

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