Saturday, June 23, 2012

Welcome to Parrot-ise

    I'm renewing this post, but including both my attempt at this in 2015 and in 2011. My first attempt is the bottom photo, and the bright blue one is my updated version- and the tutorial I'll use.
    To do this the second time, I began by painting all the nails the blue color in the background. I then used a thin brush over this to make a jagged yellow line diagonal across the middle of the outer toes. I then painted an all-white shape to resemble a parrot outline, without the beak. This both let me fix my mistakes once I started, but also made the red brighter. You can see the difference in the red's brightness between my two images.
    Once the white and yellow dried, I used a red line brush to paint the "C" type shape around the face. I also painted in the red tip to the outer toes. I like using the line brush for this because just placing it down repeatedly can create the jagged effect. Once the red on the big toes dried, I went in with the white line brush where the white and red meet. I pushed it outward a little toward the red to create a feather effect. This step is optional.
    For the beak, I painted it picturing an actual parrot's beak. By this I mean that I painted the lower beak shape and then the upper beak over it. My advise is to start small and add gradually until it is the right size.
Be creative and try things like this yourself!
 Send me pictures of your attempt at this design!

I used:
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear #160-cherry red
nail art by diamond cosmetics #29-bold yellow
nail art-blue?
design-kiss nail art brush-on-black, sinful colors nail art#1638-bad chick

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