Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Magnetic Magnificence

I finally got some magnetic nail polish! Actually, I got a whole set for my birthday, so as you can imagine, I went crazy with it. I particularly liked the lighter blue that L.A. Girl offers in this type of polish, so that's what I used in the pictures (: The special parts of this polish are the magnetized particles in the polish, and the magnet that comes with it. The magnets come in a variety of patterns and change the polish right in front of your eyes! To use the polish, paint two coats, the second being thicker. The trick is to be quick with using the magnet! I advise painting one nail's second coat and directly going to the magnet, holding it as close to the nail as possible without touching it. Hold it for about 20 seconds, and voila! Magic!--er, magnetic!

I used:
L.A. Girl Magnetic Nail Polish #274-magnetic field

fancy, huh? (;

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