Sunday, December 2, 2012

Alix's Aztecs

My best friend is quite fond of white nails, so these tribal patterns were intended to show a lot of it. The tips were a new thing I wanted to try, and I began them by painting a two-colored tip, stripes stacked on top of one another. When this dried, I went back and underlined the  tip with black, as well as painted a line at the top. Then I painted the triangle pattern lines. The ring finger accent nail was done in the same way, but the stripes were diagonal, and I added a blue one parallel to those, and underlined it in black. I painted perpendicular lines below it, and viola!

I used:
Design-Revlon-Mad About Mango, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear #34-Mint Sorbet, #130-Blue Me Away!, and CHI #70-My Little Black Book for final touches


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