Sunday, December 2, 2012

Van Gogh Valuables

These were some of the most interesting things I'd thought I'd ever done. After Painting Skyler's like this, I had to do my own the same. But her pictures will go up still, not mine, because I got nice ones (:
To do theseeee, I painted the nail with my blue and mint colors divided diagonally. Then I painted a black line along their division, and three lines going from that line towards the end. I used these as spacing for the traingle pattern, as you can see in my picture. After they dried, I painted the black lines perpendicular to the three going outward, and added white dots with a toothpick to the traingle design. (:

I used:
base- Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear #340-Mint Sorbet and #420-Pacific Blue
design-CHI #70-My Little Black Book and Spoiled #4-Correction Tape


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