Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chevron And On

Hello everyone, I'd like to extend my sincere apologies for the lapse in posts!
I have lots of new, fancy nails to share with y'all. Enjoy!

First, I have to mention my most recent polish find. The new SinfulShine With Gel Tech by Sinful Colors is absolutely amazing! I've bought almost every color they have, the polish is bright and shiny before even applying top coat, and then is durable and chip-free! I work with my hands, and I'm always trying to find polish brands that will stay on while I do what I do. I highly recommend these, and other Sinful Colors products-featured in the manicure below*

I used:
base- SinfulShine With Gel Tech by Sinful Colors #1217-All The Rage
accent nails- Sinful Colors Professional #101 Snow Me White and Sinful Colors Professional #103-Black On Black

To paint these nails, I first painted the three solid nails pink, and the ring fingers white. I then divided the thumb nail diagonally, painting the lower half pink, as I find it easier to paint designs near the tip of the nail. I used two coats of both the white and pink, and once the white had dried completely, I began the Chevron pattern. To do this, use a thin brush in the design color of your choice (in this case, black) and paint a row of diagonal lines vertically. Note: You are not painting rows of jagged lines, you are painting sections of straight lines, this will aide in your spacing remaining the same. Continue this process across the nail alternating diagonal directions to obtain the Chevron look.

One photo is with flash, one is without.

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