Friday, August 30, 2013

Paramount, Perfect Pink

I was feelin' fancy this week, and wanted a little glitter on my nails- but not a distracting amount. This was a very simple design- as long as you can paint leopard print, which I will explain in more depth in a moment- because most of the nails were single-colored. For the dots at the base of the nails, I used rhinestones, but they aren't necessary. You can also just make a dot at the base and get the same effect. To adhere my rhinestones, I use topcoat, coats and coats of it on top as well once it's dried.
To achieve the leopard print, I began by painting with my fabulous glitter polish-Charmed. With the same pink I used on the other nails, I made about five random splotches around the nail-attempting not to make it look too organized. This step may need another coat to cover up the glitter entirely under splotches- mine did. I like to use a line brush to do the black spots, for accuracy, but with little paint on the brush it is easy to do with a regular nail polish brush as well. Think of the shape you're making, a messy C-shape in a lazy attempt at outlining the pink spot. You can kind of use a sponge technique with the brush for this, the less planned it looks, the better. If you mess up a little, go with it. I like to add some small black splotches after I go around the pink, as I did in mine, you can choose to do this or not.

I used:
Sinful Colors Professional #1182-Charmed (glitter), Sinful Colors Professional #103-Black on Black, and SDI 1 Professional Nail Lacquer #9-B- DK. Pink


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