Friday, August 30, 2013

Tree-mendous Nails With Tutorial Picture

In approaching this design, I was scared to try trees on my nails. I've never been able to paint nice trees, but I decided to make them half-trees in my design to avoid my awkward-looking trees. So don't be afraid to try these, or any other design by altering it slightly to fit what you know you can paint.
I began by painting my nails with a Cinderella blue, and with a black line polish, I sketched a tree. I started with the trunk, going about halfway up the edge of the nail. From there, I made 1-2 branches going both up and to the side, and then added a few splitting branches coming off of those. Be careful not to put too many branches, it could get messy and clustered looking. I used a dotting tool (pictured below) to make the "leaves" both on and off the tree. First, I painted the white dots, I tried to make these smaller than any other dots. My dotting tool has two sizes, so I used the larger one only on the leaves. The blue and green dots, I first placed on the tree branches. Where I didn't like how my branch intersected the trunk, I placed a dot to start. This is a great way to cover up your mistakes. I tried to keep my dots spread out, as I was going for wintery trees. I made the dots falling off the trees a little smaller, to give it a little depth. I hope you enjoy and try this yourself!

I used:
base- Sinful Colors Professionals #1106-Cinderella, Sinful Colors Professionals #103-Black on Black
dots- Sinful Colors Professionals #101 Snow Me White, Sinful Colors With Gel-Tech #1242-Most Sinful, and NYC New York Color Quick Dry #298-High Line Green

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