Sunday, August 11, 2013

Variations of Vogue "The Slash"

So I've found in my years of attempting to paint my own nail designs, that there are some very simple but cute ways to do your nails at home quickly. This is one method I like to call "The Slash." I like this method because it is very random, and easy to change if you mess something up. I will include a few variations I've done over time, but come up with your own designs and email them to me at and I will add them to this post as well! The more the merrier!

To begin these, pick two colors, for this example I'll use the first photo's variation. (blue with leopard) I always begin with the lighter color to avoid having to do multiple coats, you can plan out here where you want the nails to divide up, in whatever pattern you would like, maybe a slash through the center, a corner detailed, a circle in the center, etc. The areas you don't paint with your lighter color, you will fill in with the darker color. Once both of these dry and you're happy with your color divisions, paint whatever design you would like on one of the colors, and you have a cute, simple manicure that will catch a lot of attention!

TIPS: To paint leopard, I use a smaller brush to have better control, and use a kind of sponge technique with barely any paint on the brush, aiming at creating unfinished circles, along with some extra random dashes here and there to obtain a leopard look

*see Chevron tutorial post


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