Thursday, October 9, 2014

Candy Corn on the Catwalk

   An old friend of mine asked me to post on my website again. She told me that she still checks it for designs to try, and reminded me that I didn't have any Halloween nails posted. So this is my Halloween nail tutorial post, and these nails are candy corn themed.
    To paint these, I first painted the entire nail white.* I had a yellow line polish and an orange as well, and these were really helpful in painting this. I started from the base of my nail, and painted the bottom third yellow, and then filled in a second third with the orange line. For mine, I curved the lines upward, so that my lines not being straight wouldn't affect the design. 
    After the orange dried completely, I painted the top third once more with white so it was the same level as the other paint. When this all dried completely, I painted a clear glitter over it all. I used my favorite topcoat as well, listed below**

* (Painting a white coat before a color brightens the nail color.)

I used:
White- Sally Hansen Hard as Nails xTreme Wear #300 "White On"
Orange and yellow- Kiss Nail Art Paint #SPA13- "Neon Orange" and #SPA18- "Beach Yellow"
Glitter- Wet n Wild #469- "Halluncinate"
**Topcoat- Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthener

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