Thursday, October 16, 2014

Skills With Skulls (A 12-Step Picture Tutorial)

 For the second addition to my Halloween 2014 Nail Collection, I have something original and festive for y'all, Sugar Skulls! Before attempting these, I must warn you that I spent a substantial amount of time doing these, which is not typical for me. It took a very steady hand with a dotting tool to place the tiny dots in the right places. If you don't have a dotting tool, use a toothpick, and practice your dots on paper before you paint them to get the hang of it. To make this easier for both of us, the tutorial is facing as if you were painting them on your hands.
Here's your tutorial:
Step 1: To center the eyes, I began with two dots in a horizontal line. I tried to evenly space them, as they will be the innermost edge of the eye.
Step 2: Using your dotting tool, begin to dot around in a circular shape. I found it easier to make the same dot on each eye to insure they stayed evenly sized.
Step 3: Fill in the rest of the dots in your circles. Remember, they do not have to touch now technically, because you will fill this in.
Step 4: Fill in the center of your dot circles. I used the regular brush that came in my black nail polish to do this. Leave the dots sticking out the edges so that the eyes have a flower shape.
Step 5: To begin the nose, make a dot centered between the eyes.
Step 6: Make another dot below this as if it were the corner of a triangle.
Step 7: Add a third dot to finish the triangle shape and your nose.

Step 8: For the mouth, begin with a straight line under the nose. I did this step on all my nails before proceeding to insure I took my time on all of them and didn't get lazy at the end.
Step 9: This step isn't technically necessary, but I wanted my mouth a little unique. Here, I added curved lines outward from the corners of the mouth as I'd seen on sugar skulls elsewhere.
Step 10: Using my dotting tool again and fatter dots, I placed four dots above the line and four dots below, forming rows of teeth.
Step 11: This was the most important step to be careful on. With very tiny dots, I places eight white teeth within the dots I made in the previous step. And don't worry, if you mess these up, you just have to redo the black dot under it and repeat. It's not a huge hassle really.
Step 12: Finally, I used different colors to make the flower eyes. I used my dotting tool to go around inside the dots I did before on the eyes. If these are a little off, it won't make a huge difference. Keep a steady hand, though.

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