Wednesday, October 15, 2014

UTA Spirit for Days

In honor of my massive amount of school spirit, I attempted to paint our "A" logo for UTA on my nails. To paint this, I began with a normal French tip. I like to put a shiny tan color under this. Then, I painted a very short horizontal line in the center of the white tip, to center my A. From this, I drew diagonal lines down almost to the corners of my nail. I then thickened these outer lines of the A to a block , leaving out the triangle notch for the star. To paint the star, I painted each point like a small arrow and was very careful. I'm sorry I don't have some crazy trick for a perfect star, guys, I wish I did. Just try to be precise and careful. 

I hope you like these!
I'll post the colors I used later on, I'm currently in class.

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